Enhancing In-Stadium Environment

Lone Star Ballroom May 7, 2016 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Chris Donahoo
Korey Donahoo

There’s nothing more crucial to what American Outlaws does than support our teams on the field for 90 minutes (or more). But, as important as it is, delivering on that support is a complicated ask.

This sessions explores the difficulties and possible solutions to maximizing our support game in and game out, across the country, to best fuel our national teams when they need us the most.

  • Preparing the section for support
  • Diversity of chants
  • Chant writing
  • Capo/Drum placement
  • How best to communicate chants through sections before and during each chant
  • Sustaining support for the entire match/ building capacity
  • And more

Session attendees will workshop many of these issues to take back to their chapters and also bring to future matches.